Political Action

FEA and NEA-Alaska are very active in the political arena. Local, state, and federal elections provide opportunities for education professionals to support candidates that value public education. The employees that work in the public school system are heavily impacted by decisions made by local, state, and national governmental bodies. NEA-Alaska's position is that "Every decision that affects education is a political decision." 

Political Action Committees on education expend many hours interviewing candidates in order to learn their views and make recommendations to the membership. We must find and elect candidates that will adequately fund education and support school personnel in order to ensure a quality education for every student.

Call the FEA offices for the names of the current NEA-AK PACE Board Members.



FNSBSD Board of Education

Office: 452-2000 extension 400 / Fax: 451-0541 / e-mail: schoolboard@12northstar.org

School Board Members can be found here.


Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly

Borough Assembly members can be found here.

Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor: Karl Kassel (459-1300) 


The Alaska State Legislature

Alaska's Senators and Representatives can be found here.